Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AL Davis Letter to Kiffin

September 12, 2008

Dear Lane:

Over the past months, you have made a number of public statements that were highly critical of, and designed to embarrass and discredit this organization, its players and its coaches. I left you alone during training camp in hopes that you would cease your immature and destructive campaign.

However, you continue to make public statements that are critical of the organization, its players as a whole as well as individual players. Such statements constitute conduct detrimental to the Raiders and I will no longer stand silently while you continue to hurt this organization.

Further, your contract is quite clear that you work “subject to the direction and supervision of the General Partner’’ and that the General Partner has the “exclusive right to do all things, which in its sole discretion are necessary to maintain and improve the Club, the football organization and their activities.’’

I realized when I hired you that you were young and inexperienced and that there would be a learning process for you. Your mistakes on player personnel and coaches were overlooked based on our patience with you. But I never dream that you would be so untruthful in statements to the press as well as on so many other issues. Your actions are those of a coach looking to make excuses for not winning, rather than a coach focused on winning.

For example, with the exception of Gibril Wilson, you were involved in recruiting all free agents and determining salaries for them and you were explicit in your desire to sign Javon Walker and DeAngelo Hall amongst others. All were a must to sign in your eyes, Hall in particular, because he played for Greg Knapp in Atlanta and Knapp gave him high grades. Do not run from that now.

I do realize that you did not want to draft JaMarcus Russell. He is a great player. Get over it and coach this team on the field, that is what you were hired to do. We can win with this team!

In regards to your recent fabrications about the defense, during the final cuts you made every cut on offense and every cut on defense except for Wakefield on defense and Wand on offense. Furthermore, during the game Monday night Rob played your Cover 2 defense and we got killed on an approximately 50-yard touchdown pass and approximately 70-yard gain that led to a field goal.

You meet every week with the defensive coaches to go over both the past game and to get a general feel for what will happen during the week in practice. You have the ability and authority to provide your input during those meetings and the preparation for the game plan. I do not have weekly meetings with Rob; you do.

During the week no one has ever told you what to do on either offense or defense. In addition, no one has ever told you during a game what to do on either offense or defense and you call every play on offense. During a game if you want to blitz more, all you have to do is let Rob know what blitz you want and he will do it.

Although you continue to use the media to express your dissatisfaction with others, no one has publicly pointed out to you that in 4 preseason games and one regular season game played this year, your offense has scored one first half touchdown. That put tremendous pressure on the defense.

I know that you wanted to bring your father in to run the defense and that Monte told me he wanted to come here even though he is under contract to Tampa. However, I did not want to tamper with another team. In any event that was over seven months ago. Do not also run from the defense and your responsibilities.

This letter constitutes notice that if you further violate any term of your contract, in any manner whatsoever, you will be terminated for cause. I trust that this will not occur.

Al Davis

Reflections on the Kiffin firing...

I always say, it's better to resolve not dissolve.

Davis and Kiffin should have tried harder to work out their differences and focus on the objectives.

Its disappointing that we cannot build stability nor change the culture of losing after 6 long years of losing. I think we are finally headed in the right direction and there is promise, but we need a strong core of coaches and leadership at the top. We must improve in scouting, drafting and free agency. What worked in the 60's and 70's is not working today. We must evolve or stay at the bottom.

For the first time since during the Shell disaster i am seeing a collective loss of enthusiasm and defeatist attitude among the fans. It sucks because we the fans deserve better. Fans of other teams constantly admit that Raider fans are the most loyal and passionate. But Raiders fans aren't stupid, we know there is something seriously wrong with the Raiders....

Whats next?

Raider Raza

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Take on the Kiffin situation:

Al values loyalty, which is reflected by the significant number of Raiders still in the organization today.

More importantly, the Raiders operate different than other clubs. AL has had much success and is uniquely qualified to be coach, owner and GM, while Kiffin is an inexperienced, unproven coach who's biggest asset is being chosen by Al , as a potential good coach. Kiffin has barely won 27% of his 18 games. There are much smarter, more experienced people who spend their entire careers chasing the opportunity to be a head coach. He needs to shut his mouth and earn his stripes. He has done nothing. Al has forgotten more than Kiffin knows. Al had a SuperBowl win, before Kiffin floated around in his daddy's balls.

Al expects and demands secrecy. There's stuff you don't talk about in front of the media. Kiffin is talking too much and few clubs value talk more than action. Kiffin's recent remarks are borderline betrayal. It's insulting to hear Kiffin take subtle shots at the Raider organization.

Al is pissed. The Raiders don't normally let their coaches talk to the media like Ryan did.

I see Kiffin fired soon and James Lofton as interim coach and maybe Tim Brown or Fred Biletnikof come on board as WR coach, while Kiffin joins the broncos as a glorified spy.

It's too bad this got ugly, because is better to strive to resolve NOT dissolve.. ...

Raider Raza

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New 2008 Tailgate Rules

I got this crap in my email today!!!

Parking & Coliseum Changes

Beginning with the 2008 season, McAfee Coliseum has instituted policies in the parking lots and stadium to comply with the Oakland Municipal Code, enhance fans' tailgate experience, and be responsive to fan feedback. Please be aware of these changes as you make tailgate and game day plans. We appreciate your help in making the Coliseum and parking lots an enjoyable environment for all fans, guests, and tailgaters.

* Overnight parking is prohibited.
* Line-up for early arriving vehicles will begin at 5:00 a.m. for all lots and all gates. Please note that for games with kickoff times after 5:00 p.m., line-up will begin at 11:00 a.m.
* By Oakland City Ordinance, all D.J. set-ups, bands, performances, and amplified noise or music are prohibited. This policy will be enforced by law enforcement and violations may result in confiscation of equipment and/or citations.
* Bills larger than $20.00 will not be accepted.
* Limousine parking is $75.00 per game. Please contact the Raiders Ticket Office to pre-purchase your limousine parking pass.
* Over-sized vehicles, including RVs, buses, and trailers, must have a pre-purchased pass for the over-sized vehicle parking lot. Please contact the Raider Ticket Office for more information.
* The Oakland Raiders Fan Code of Conduct will be enforced in all parking lots. Visit www.raiders.com for the complete Code of Conduct. Behavior prohibited by the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated in the parking lots.

Call me at (800) 724-3377 or email me at ppappas@raiders.com with any questions or concerns you may have regarding game day parking policies.

Thank you for your continuous support of the Silver & Black.

Can we still drink beer and BBQ??

This is outrageous!!
Please contact the Raiders and express your displeasure.

Raider Raza

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Raider Way...

The Oakland Raider Way
by Philip Fitch

The Raiders are not, and never will be, trend followers. They are trendsetters. Al Davis brings in the most controversial players there are. He does not follow conventional thinking in terms of who he drafts, nor in who he signs in the offseason. Long known as a haven for castoffs, rejects, and malcontents, many formerly “washed-up” or “finished” players have found their way back to greatness in the open arms of the Silver and Black.

Jim Plunkett, Ronnie Lott, Bill Romanowski, and many other players (even the G.O.A.T., Jerry Rice) found their way to the Dark Side, and either won or got to taste victory again in some form. (They have also, without exception, commented during or after their tenure with Oakland how it’s different playing with the Raiders, from a fairness standpoint.) Al Davis drafts who he wants to draft, not who the NFL thinks he should draft. Some may call it crazy or just plain not smart football, but you’ve got to admire a man and a team that bucks the trends, and consistently sets the NFL on its ear. The man is a gambler, and sometimes you’re going to win it all, and sometimes you’re going to lose your shirt.

The fans are trendsetters as well. Sure, there have been those who have “dressed up” at NFL games for many years. However, none have even come close to the level of which Raider fans have taken it. The Raiders’ ENTIRE fan base is famous. Going to a Raider game is an event, and there is nothing like it in the world, much less at any other NFL team’s venue.

The Raiders adopted the term “Nation”. This may be a point of contention, but there is no arguing that almost everything now is called “Nation”-this and “Nation”-that, and that started happening only after SB XXXVII when the world was once again exposed to the greatness of the Raider Nation. Practically every team in the NFL now blatantly copies the Raiders in one aspect or another—from playing “Hell’s Bells” on their PAs, to adopting black as their uniform’s primary color. It’s all latent hatred-envy at its finest.

Everyone loves to hate Al Davis. He plays the perfect villain to the typical goody-two-shoes compliant NFL owner. He’s sued the league, yeah, but he had good reason. He’s gone toe-to-toe with Oakland, but again, his organizations’ best interests were always at the heart of the matter. Players, both past and present, either love Al Davis or hate him.

The Hall of Fame is littered with Raiders players and coaches, so much so that many members of the voting committee have commented that there’s already too many and that they won’t vote any more in, even though they should by all rights be. (Take Mr. Flores, Kenny Stabler and Ray Guy for instance.) The Chiefs and the Broncos even have Raider Week. That is no insult to the Raiders, that is pure hatred, borne by respect.

From the owner on down to the fan, Raider Nation is one unit. Loyalty is forever. It is bigger than a fan sport. The Raider-Way is a way of life, and unless you live it, you’ll never understand it.

The NFL needs a villain, and the Raiders, especially us Raider fans, do indeed relish the role, even if we won’t openly admit it. Bring it on!

Go Raiders!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Agency

Nnamdi Franchised
Great Move; However, i think it means a choice of Burgess or Nnamdi next year. I don't see us keeping both, and we can only franchise one. Burgess and Nnamdi are both due big time paydays. Considering the amount of money the Raiders are throwing around Nnamdi and Burgess are going to demand more. For the record, Nnamdi is so good that QB's rarely throw his way. I've hear unofficial stats claiming he had 32 passes thrown his way. And the man play's man. Few CB's can play man at Nnamdis level...

Kelly signs for 50 Million:

I was very shocked at the amount of money we threw at Kelly and it made me think about Burgess, Nnamdi, Morrison. Those players have all played their position, longer and at a higher level than Kelly.

If Kelly goes Sands on us than we will be a big time joke, so he needs to turn into a Haynesworth or Rogers type of DT and make the pro-bowl. Then the tables turn and Al looks like a genius.

Either way i feel at this point in time, we overpaid Kelly and are underpaying Morrison and Burgess.

This deal reminds me of the deal the Bills gave OT L.Walker which left Raider fans scratching our heads...and it turned out we were right!!!

Porter signs with Jacksonville:
I'm Happy. I never l never forgave Porter after he mocked the fans and acted like a b-i-t-c-h.

Considering that he had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the receiver position under [B]Biletnikoff, Brown & Rice[/B] and to a smaller extent Moss and despite being faster, stronger and younger he never lived up to his potential. He will never be a star.

Fargas resigns:
Great move; we got him at a great deal (6 million) and at the same time rewarded a player that lead by example and overachieved.

Kwame Harris signed:
Wow!!! We just signed the another Robert Gallery from the Niner squad. This gives us two first round busts to protect out number one overall pick. 3 years, 16 million. How does that make you feel?

Josh McCown signs with Miami
McCown and Dolphins have reached a two-year deal worth $6.25 million. This leaves Culpepper and Walter who both want out, as back up QB's to Russell.

Gibril Wilson signed
39 million lures San Jose Native from Super Bowl Champs to fix the safety position, which has sucked since Rod Woodson retired and maybe teach the others how to tackle. Should single handedly reduce the number of missed tackles. Great Pick Up.

Javon Walker former Bronco has agreed to terms on a six-year, $55 million deal that includes $16 million in guaranteed money. My only hope is he holds a grudge against the Broncos and that his knee holds up for 16 games and double digit TD's.

It seems the Raiders are forced to overpay free agents due to our worst stretch in history. Gone are the days when free agents called Al or campaigned and took pay cuts to join the Silver and Black. In order to pull out of this Black Hole we've dug ourselves into, there is slim chance for error. We are going to have to get some serious returns on these free agents and have a phenomenal draft. Anything less guarantees more mediocrity. I'm sick and tired of this losing and it pains me to see our team at the bottom of the league. We are not Detroit, Arizona, New Orleans or Cincinnati. We are the Raiders and we used to be the winningnest team in the NFL...It's time we turn it around....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Cheated..

Monday, February 04, 2008

Patriots 18 and 1 Giant Loss

Patriots are 18 -1; with one Giant Loss!!!

When Moss scored the touchdown to take the lead late in the 4th Quarter and did his stupid arm gesture, i remember thinking this is B.S there is no justice!!! Belicheat is a cheater and Moss is a quitter and they are going to escape with a win. There is no justice.

But somehow, Eli made some miraculous throws one of which might be named the "No way in Hell-met" catch or something and they were able to score and refuse the Patsie their perfect season.

Words cannot express my joy. The endorphins in my body are giving me such a natural high that i can't wipe this the smile off my face.

The world got to see Belicheat show his true colors with poor showmanship colors as he walked off the field before the game ends and in his post game conference. Moss and Brady shortly thereafter, called off the Pro-Bowl cause they didn't win. Crybabies!!
You know i might actually watch the Pro Bowl this year.

The moral of the story: Cheaters and Quitters NEVER WIN...